Our name and what we stand for:

The name KAMI finds its inspiration in origami (or oru-kami) the ancient Japanese art of paper folding with “oru” meaning folding and “kami” meaning paper. It represents our goal to bring people together and give them tools that they will use in ways that we, as the creators of the platform, cannot even begin to imagine. 

KAMI also carries a second important meaning. In the Malay language it means “Us” or “We”, denoting community and a sense of belonging, fundamental to culture in Web3.

We want the KAMI experience to be a journey of discovery, collaboration, learning, evolving and expanding for both the Creators and the Fans. 

This name is the embodiment of the boundless opportunity made possible on the KAMI platform. 

The Mission:

Social and Marketplace platforms are not optimised for today’s era of Creators. A bold statement you may say but with so many more creators, so much more content, and the intricacy of deciphering algorithms, most creativity is lost in a sea of noise. 
In 2024, socialising happens on one set of platforms and monetising happens on another. Any changes made end up being awkward bolt-ons to business models (that date back to the 90’s) which makes for inefficiency, creates many gatekeepers, is clumsy, expensive, time consuming and frustrating. 

The Old Model:

Marketplace: standalone
Marketplaces are like supermarkets. They’re not designed for visibility of massive amounts of content. 

Social network: standalone
Social networks are like meat markets ….need we say more.

The New Way

Combine them

+ Social network


= Market Network

KAMI is a Market Network designed to drive a digitalised creator economy. 

We’re creating more ways for creators and asset owners to generate income faster and more profitably. Where creators and their fans can directly communicate and potentially even collaborate.

A platform where creators find the tools they need to simplify “the work” so they can get back to creating.  

We exist to help creators create.
We are here to decentralise creativity. 

The Vision:

Once upon a time, creators were introverts…

Being a creator today is overwhelming. You have to be good at everything “else”; social media management, graphic design, video editing community management, business management blah blah blah.

Social media plays a huge role in marketing, career building and generating income. However, this leaves creators at the mercy of the platforms they’re on as they don’t own their audiences, the platforms do.

They find themselves spread across multiple platforms to maintain visibility and monetise. This situation makes it extremely challenging to function alone. It takes a team to deliver at a high level and cut through the noise. 

If this sounds familiar, then KAMI is
for you. 

Key Features:

  1. Connects collectors, creators, projects and fans to each other in an environment where they can co-create and share revenue.

  2. Creates the means for Users (Creators and Fans) to rent, subscribe, display, use, mint, buy and sell NFT-based digital assets.

  3. Instant monetisation via payment streaming across blockchain. When someone pays you, you receive payment immediately.