KAMI Protokey

Ok, just what exactly is a KAMI Protokey?

KAMI is built on Web3 rails.

These unique digital assets play a key role (sic) in the ramp up to the launch of the KAMI token. Protokeys will be available for purchase in Q3 2024.

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A few introductory and non exhaustive notes (details will be announced soon):

  • A Protokey is essentially a golden ticket asset of the KAMI network that comes with important perks & privileges. These will only ever be issued once

  • Entitles the holder to an allocation of KAMI tokens airdropped at TGE. (Protokeys will be available in several classes. Token allocations vary according to class of key and distribution procedure is subject to regulatory compliance assessment.)

  • A Protokey is also your key to your own “space” on KAMI. This space serves as your personal vault to store all kinds of NFTs and ERC20 assets.