You show up every day.
You put in the grind.

But you know
you can still do much more.

Sick of prompting your AI tools and not getting what you want?

Wish you could hire a PA that knows exactly what you want before you do? How about 10?

KAMI AI agents act as your digital twin. Not only will your tasks get done quicker, they’re done the way you want.




Take back your time, create more, have fun again.

The first step to selling more, is to reach a wider audience. So your digital twin’s job is to help you with these 2 areas:

  1. search for and shortlist collaborators
    that add impact to your work.
  2. identify collectors, customers and super fans to join your community.

Working together takes you further.

Imagine releasing your latest piece, packaged with an animated cover, crowd-sourced video and jaw-dropping stage design that comes alive with augmented reality (AR).

Your work will now have reach way beyond your usual circle of followers.

This is how KAMI envisions the future
for creators – ideas mashing together
to create something much bigger than the sum of its parts.

On KAMI you decide what your followers see, not the algorithm.

You don’t need a million streams to earn an income.

Start small – find your first 100 fans and establish an unbreakable connection with them.

A direct relationship with a small group of fans accelerates your growth and creates an inner circle of loyal collectors.

If you like what you see, please apply to join our pioneer group of users.

Being selected means you gain first access to the tools/features KAMI is building and the opportunity to network & collaborate with other handpicked Artists & Creators. You will also automatically qualify for our invite only Alpha testing phase.


*Note: Don’t wait. Only 1000 participants will be selected.