Get paid what you deserve

Sick of doing all the work and having the platforms take the lion share of your revenue? This is the Web2 social network model where you are the product.

At KAMI it’s simple – The Creator is the head of the value chain and remains the owner of the product. 

Because of where, how and why KAMI is built, the Creator comes first and has the control. Finally getting paid the value that is deserved, whether it is buying, selling, minting and rental.

Adding the new vertical of rental brings a new paradigm encompassing many products that take advantage of the fully digital nature of NFT assets & collectibles. It is also a digital logistics system that handles payment, transport and security of assets.

Orthodox social networks don’t enable peer to peer exchange of value

This is essential for instant transactions be it buying, selling, renting or splitting payments with co-creators. KAMI provides all of this in a single seamless user experience.

99% of assets are depreciating to zero

A lot of collectors pay wrong/inflated prices for assets – Risk is high and assets are illiquid. Being an early market, it is still rife with speculation. This phenomenon is fading as the market matures. As the tulip mania fades, buyers today seek real value, the same as they would expect paying for anything in the real world.

Owners of these digital assets will seek ways to generate a return on their investment. KAMI provides multiple avenues for this such as rental and subscriptions. 

It is easy to see that as adoption increases all the above-mentioned issues will be exacerbated. And it is also important to note that well-known brands like Nike, Adidas, Dior, Reddit, Starbucks etc. have already made their entry into Web3 bringing more mainstream customers. These real fans and customers want products they can identify with and use.

The market is shifting.