A day in the life of a KAMI user

Mark – Aspiring digital artist

He is looking for a platform to promote his artwork and decides to join the KAMI space as a creator. He uploads some of his work as NFTs and sets the rental price at his discretion. After a short period of time, his work is recognised by a potential customer.

The customer uses the KAMI UI to rent Mark’s art, and a transaction fee is deducted from the customer’s wallet. Mark gets compensated fairly for his art. Mark is also eligible to earn rewards for being a highly engaged user of KAMI.

Super Mark – Acclaimed digital artist

Now active on the KAMI space for quite some time, has gained rewards due to the level of his interaction. His collection is now highly priced. His most recent release has a lengthy waitlist which has pushed it to the top of the Global Ranking System. Due to the high demand he can charge more. 

James – Influencer

James hosts high end NFT art events during his free time. He has heard about KAMI from a friend and decided to check it out since he is having an exclusive event during the weekend in New York City and wants to display some NFTs to his visitors. He scrolls through the available artwork and finds a piece that he is interested in renting, valued at around $100,000.

James decides to rent it in order to parade it at his upcoming party to display it on multiple digital devices. James has now discovered that by putting on events and allowing guests with rented NFTs of certain projects to be allowed entrance to said event, he can continue to grow his social status.

Plus, now people who own the rented project NFT who otherwise could not attend the event can gain income from these NFTs.

Julie – Community Manager

Julie has been an outgoing community member of KAMI. She has helped numerous start-up artists get coverage and rent their work. She has quantified a large supply of the KAMI reward points. She has redeemed these points in order to buy multiple subscription services where she continues to facilitate her growing social status on the platform. Lisa is now curating and running a decentralised rental gallery on the platform.